Smile Makeover is a dental care application that has been very popular recently and seriously affects the aesthetic appearance of the person. Teeth have an important role in facial aesthetics. Due to this, the smile on the face is one of the important situations that people pay attention to aesthetically. Therefore, a concept called smile design has emerged in dentistry. In fact, a smile makeover is the redesign and improvement of the aesthetic appearance that deteriorates due to environmental or congenital dental or gum problems. Smile design is applied by performing many different processes together.

Which Transactions Are Applied?

A smile makeover process is personal. The main reason for this is that every patient has problems in the mouth and dental area, and they need different needs. In addition, factors such as facial features, gender, age, and expectations are the parameters taken into consideration when designing a smile. Although the requirements and expectations are different, the most basic procedures are the treatment of decayed teeth and gum disease. If you want to express your expectations and get detailed information about the applications while designing your smile, you should contact our Side Dental Center clinic as soon as possible.

Considerations in Smile Design

Sometimes, depending on the person, the smile aesthetics of the patient can be achieved with only tooth whitening, but according to some people, it may be necessary to intervene in a few teeth. Smile aesthetics can be provided with support to the back teeth and cheeks of people who have lost their back teeth. The harmony of teeth and gums with each other is also very important in smile design. The tooth and gum should appear in the same proportion. It is quite possible to have teeth that are both more aesthetic and healthier with the fact that the two front teeth of women are slightly longer, for men, the teeth are distributed homogeneously, and the teeth support the cheeks. By recording several criteria such as the patient’s face shape, skin color, and lip shape when laughing, the physician performs many studies accordingly. Many tooth forms, tooth length, tooth length of the patient are determined before a few tooth alignments, and a number of studies are carried out in the laboratory, and rehearsal is performed. Besides, It is more beneficial to see the tooth form in the patient’s mouth with the measurement taken on the calculated model before the dentist makes adhesion to the patient’s teeth. This study is both more convincing, more realistic, and a healthier solution to bring the physician to the conclusion. For this reason, studies such as tooth color selection, model work, aesthetic design, gum aesthetics are made specifically for the physical characteristics and wishes of the person. The most important assistant of the doctor in these studies is digital planning. Photographs are taken with digital planning work and all records of the patient are transferred to the computer environment. Various models are made on the photograph of the person, as if the teeth were applied to the patient, by making many studies. In line with these studies, the patient and the physician decide together which model and which color it will be. Thus, the risk of encountering a surprise result is removed.

How to Start A Smile Makeover?

The smile design is first started by determining the geometric shape of the patient’s facial line. The lines on the patient’s face give clues about how the tooth should be chosen.

The anatomy of men and women is very different from each other. Men’s facial features are sharper and more obvious. The proportions of the forehead and chin tip vary according to the face of the woman. In women, the transitions are softer, the nose and eyebrow arches are a little vaguer. There is parallelism in the same proportion in the teeth. When the smile is compared with an ideal smile in the image that occurs in the smile design, the missing or more points are determined by dental x-rays with the front facade, profile, smile photographs taken from the patient, and the design is started.

Who Should Have the Smile Design?

People who;

  • Cannot laugh comfortably to hide your teeth,
  •  The chin becomes smaller or more pronounced while laughing,
  • The line between the nose and lips is deepened too much,
  • (Whose) lips get thinner while laughing,
  •  likes other people’s smile more,
  • Are afraid of laughing,

will be able to restore the smile they want and dream of and help them regain their self-confidence with the opportunities that the developing technology offers to plastic surgeons.

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