Dental Crown application is the process of covering the teeth with materials called dental crowns in order to protect teeth that have lost material. Dental crowns are fixed head prostheses that are applied when there is a small number of teeth in the mouth and are bridged with the reduction of adjacent supporting teeth, or in the case of excessive decay or discoloration in one or a few teeth, they are prepared in the laboratory and adhered to the teeth. These are prostheses made on visible parts of the teeth in the mouth and cannot be removed by the patient himself.

Dental Crown construction takes place within 3-4 sessions (about a week) after the preparation and measurement of the teeth. In this case, you can trust the quality of Side Dental Center and get detailed information immediately.

Types of Dental Crowns;

  • Metal-supported porcelain crowns
  • Zircon porcelain crown
  • E-Max Crown
  • Temporary Crown

Among the types of dental crowns, the most suitable mouth structure is determined by the doctor. The durability of metals as the substructure and the aesthetics of porcelain as the superstructure was used in the methods of fixed prostheses until today. Although porcelain dental crowns produced with this method are still used, there are also fixed prosthesis applications made of very different materials according to the increasing aesthetic needs of people, which can imitate the natural appearance of the tooth.

Advantages and Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental Crown materials give your teeth a natural appearance. In addition, they have a very durable and solid structure, and they blend well with the gums, besides, they do not cause allergic reactions. In dental crown application, it is aimed to improve many parameters such as regaining the lost functions of the person in the teeth, correcting the deteriorated speech, and improving the aesthetic appearance. At the same time, while the lost oral health is restored, people who have to live with missing or damaged teeth in society are supported psychologically.

In addition, wear and tear may occur in different ways in people over time due to eating, chewing function, swallowing, or teeth grinding for various reasons at night. In addition, fractures in some parts of the teeth as a result of caries and accidents are among the problems experienced. In these cases, dental structures can be repositioned and repaired with prostheses called dental crowns or bridges.

What Happens When Dental Crowns are Not Applied?

If missing teeth are not made, the positions of the teeth in relation to each other deteriorate and either approach or move away from each other. For this reason, impaired tooth closure, decay, and tooth loss occur in the mouth and the teeth move towards the gap formed due to the loss. As a result, gum problems in the adjacent teeth, bone loss due to the movement of the teeth into the cavity, deterioration in tooth and jaw aesthetics, and changes in chewing force. In cases where this gap is not restored with an implant or a dental crown for a long time in the mouth, tooth loss occurs. One of the other problems that arise with the lack of teeth is digestive disorders and disorders caused by the lack of chewing. Speech impairment and aesthetic problems are the following problems, depending on the location of the lost tooth.

Dental Crowns Function

Porcelain crowns or dental crowns are used to cover the damaged tooth completely. In addition to strengthening the damaged tooth, they can also be used for aesthetic purposes. It can be placed on the implant to provide function, with its tooth-like shape and structure. Porcelain dental crowns can be produced in the color of the teeth. In order to ensure their strength, they used to be frequently applied on porcelain crowns with a metal substructure, but nowadays they are produced in many different methods as amperes porcelain, laminates, zircon, or metal supported. With the protocols between the dentist and the patient, dental crown crowns with an appropriate infrastructure are selected according to the condition of the tooth.

Why Is A Dental Crown Needed?

In some cases, making a dental crown is very important in terms of health and aesthetics. Depending on the age, when the teeth are lost after a certain age, new ones cannot be replaced, in this case, for example, dental crown at this point to protect weakened or decayed teeth protects your teeth properly. In addition, in worn or broken teeth, it causes both discomfort and health problems in the mouth and jaw, and in these cases, dental crown will protect your teeth. Apart from these, the dental crown can also be used to cover and support the tooth with a large filling, to keep the dental bridge in place, and to cover shapeless or excessively discolored teeth. However, this method is highly preferred to close the dental implant and make cosmetic repairs.

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