Side Dental Center has been providing professional care and happy smile to customers in dental field for more than 8 years. Our clinic in Side/Antalya serves dozens of local and foreign tourists who come here from different parts of the world every year. Side Dental Center offers services in many different areas related to teeth and primarily includes applications such as dental implants, dental crowns, laminate veneers, dental bridges, gum contouring, inlays and onlays, tooth extraction and root canal treatment. In addition, the Side Dental Center can create a smile design and capture a happy smile. At this point, people who believe they need dental surgery or want an aesthetically better look and our experts are interviewed and examined individually. Then the procedures are carried out by choosing the most appropriate treatment method. The most important concern for us as Side Dental Center is to conjure up a smile for our customers with the right treatment method. Furthermore, due to our customer satisfaction principles, we make sure to have personal and detailed conversations with people and get clear information about what they want.

Our Mission

The aim of Side Dental Center is to continue its services as a professional, pioneering and leading healthcare institution in its field with the principle of patient satisfaction and high quality of service. For this reason, our main mission is to carry out dental services and preventive dentistry with the most modern equipment and specialist doctors, to increase the number of healthy and happy smiling people by raising the standards of treatment and to meet all the needs of oral and dental health of our patients and society, without jeopardizing ethical values. Carrying out diagnosis and patient treatment services in dentistry in team spirit with its specialist doctors, based on the individual treatment approach, with up-to-date knowledge, skills and advanced technology, It has improved its oral and dental health protection practices and regular control measures, thus offering long-lasting dental treatments. Supporting efforts to develop and protect society's oral and dental health awareness, our most fundamental activities include being an oral and dental health center that respects the rights and ethical values ​​of its patients and colleagues.

Our Vision

We function as an oral and dental health center that meets international standards and focuses on patient satisfaction in dental diagnostic and treatment methods. The aim of the Side Dental Center Oral and Dental Health Clinic is to be an institution that is constantly evolving and innovating to contribute to the profession of dentist, remembered for his good work in the future, without losing the scientific conscience and the ethical values ​​with its young, dynamic attitude, friendly doctors and staff. Also our Side Dental Center Clinic; Contributes to the development of oral and dental health practices with its educational and research studies, providing the best diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases using all the possibilities of modern dentistry, offering our patients high quality oral and dental care without compromising on ethics principles and respect patients' rights. Ensuring the development and training of medical specialists by providing the necessary support to all employees, considering environmental health and prioritizing preventive health services, providing a humanistic work environment, aims to become the leading application and research center for oral and dental health at national and international levels . With Side Dental Center, you can achieve the oral and dental care you need in the most accurate manner within the framework of a quality understanding of service. To receive detailed information about the appointment and the course of treatment, contact us immediately and arrange a personal meeting with our experts.


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